About me

Federico D'Anna - Asesor Gastronómico

Story of my life

My native country

The story of my life began when my grandparents landed at the port of Buenos Aires, way from Cifalu (Sicily), my grandmother being pregnant with my father. I think I have it in my blood now, that is why my life is full of  travels.

My father is 100% Italian, an accountant by profession, born in Argentina, he met my mother, future lawyer, whose maternal grandparents came from Italy, also from  Sicily, but paternal  from Spain (Jaen).

I was born on November 15th, 1973, being the youngest son of my parents. But they separated, perhaps because they were too young for the marriage, I was at that time 6 years old. The next year, my stepfather, with the surname Vazquez, a blond man with blue eyes, Director of building road Co, took the place of my father.  I owe him a lot because he has helped me in everything. To my mother I owe my love of cooking in general.

I have been very rebellious at school, I gave my parents a lot of hard times. And I appreciate this a lot, because it was instilled in me that “you work as you work, you should do it very well, always studying”.

After finishing a high school, I’ve done many cooking and baking courses, but what I liked at that time was the natural kitchen, especially all regarding to soy and its natural derivatives.

My beginnings

I left home when 20 years old , and to survive, we had a restaurant with a friend with Argentinean food which we did quite well, but in 1998, with the help of my stepfather, who had invested in my project, we created a company Visana and started the production and sale of soy products.

I produced my own recipe, managed the production and organized sales process… Three in one, perhaps it was too much for a young boy. The financial and political crisis in Argentina affected my business and I decided to seek new frontiers in Europe in 2002.

Arrival in Spain

I chose Spain because of the language and some acquaintances I had here. First I lived in Granada, a beautiful city, to which I feel a lot of nostalgy. But life took me to Marbella.

In 2004 I was so lucky to join the team in Marbella NH Hotel. First as a second chef, then as a head chef, finally as a  Director of F & B. In this chain which gave me a great education, I knew the  great team and  the great Chef Ferran Adria, which at that time was the gastronomic Advisor of the NH chain.

I bought an apartment near Puerto Banus, and I was going to an Indian restaurant near my house. I was really surprised and loved the way of cooking, smells, flavors and novelty. Finally I bought it.

Federico D'Anna - Asesor Gastronómico

Starting my career as a gastronomic consultant

The first year I was learning, but the second year I was already cooking like one of the cooks of Nepal or India. But, like many people of my guild when they spend long hours in the same kitchen, they feel they can stay no longer, and have to find something else, see other people, experiment and grow.

In 2010 I returned as Head Chef to a beautiful place on the beach in Marbella, where I could apply all previously acquired knowledge. That same year my first son Viktor Federico was born.

In 2012 I decided to dedicate myself to gastronomic advice and to my own projects. Earlier this year my second son Miroslav was born.

Some projects are very short, lasting a few months, others last longer, several years, I have Clients who have been offering a permanent contract to me, but this is not what I really want. Life is meant to be enjoyed and risked to get better things.

For a creative and restless person like me, work has to be something without closed doors, with several horizons, to convey to others what you are –

This is something my ancestors were thinking, crossing the ocean to seek a better life, the same I think now, but I want to stay in Marbella forever.

Do you want to taste the exquisite pleasure?

Catering, chef at home, for the event or simply for a dinner with your friends. We prepare a menu that fits your taste. And cook in your kitchen. You enjoy a unique experience.