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Hello, my name is Federico D’Anna and I want to share with you  all my past experience as a Chef of the Restaurant, as a Director of Food and Beverage in the   Hotel. And now I can offer you  my consulting services to improve all kind of  management for your business.

I am a professional in gastronomic area, with more than 20 years  of experience in the field of catering services and trade and I am pleased to put at your disposal my knowledge; I will analyze and detect shortcomings that arise in different areas of your restaurant business, I will offer different alternatives to maximize profits and reduce costs of your restaurant, catering Co, or food factory.

My mission is to show  you your own weaknesses and strengths, offer solutions and return the control  to you, so you can start enjoying your business.


Creation and improvement of the Menu

Creation and improvement of existing menu, implementation and monitoring.

Many things are discussed. Prices, products used, the design of the plate, number of the dishes on the menu, the order of these dishes and room service.

It is not the same to create a beautiful and tasty dish and to present it well, but I create it and explain to the room staff how to sell it. A dish without a good explanation of the waiter loses too much. You know what I mean…

carta menu

Calculation of the costs

We offer our customers possibility to be profitable.  The Consultant will compare prices with other suppliers and will negotiate the best price for you.

Any restaurant should be able to control their margins (cost of the dish).

Taking in to account the quality, weight and the cost price of ingredients, we develop the retail cost of the dishes, to achieve greater profitability in your company accounts.



An efficient and motivated staff is the key to success. We provide the necessary training and help develop efficient operation of your restaurant staff in daily tasks.

If the team is well prepared, trained, and basic rules are set, the profitability of your business could multiply

Federico D'Anna Team

Do you want your restaurant to become a unique experience for your customers?