How much will Consultant cost?

Federico D'Anna - Asesor Gastronómico

The same story as with salaries of other professionals like lawyers, economists, psychiatrist, the price for gastronomic Consultant may vary depending on the case and circumstances.

  1. If the restaurant / café is not in operation, but only exists as a project.

In this case the Consultant will help you to create the Menu, in accordance with the concept of the place. In addition, we create the portfolio of suppliers.

The price of the Menu can vary between 300 and 1500 euros, depending on the complexity and amount of the dishes. This price includes the course for cooks, which could last between 1 and 3 days.

We advice that maintenance should be contracted for min. 12 months. Thus, the price of creating of provider’s portfolio will be included in the price of maintenance. If maintenance is not hired (which is not common), we plus to the price of the Menu which could vary between 500 and 1500 euros depending on the number of suppliers and special offers (payment terms, reduced prices etc).

Maintenance involves control of business management and continuous review of the portfolio of suppliers, purchasing, personnel and drafting of the Menu. Typically the Advisor visits the restaurant one to two times a week and spends between 2 and 8 hours. It can cost you between 200 and 1000 euros per month. Each Consultant can have their hourly rate, usually no less than 23 euros / hour.

  1. Restaurant / bar that is already running.

In this case there are two possibilities: a place that is not doing well and suffers economic problems or a place that is relatively going well, but you would like to improve. The biggest question for the Restaurant with problems:  where could we find resources to pay an Advisor? What will I do if he won’t help me? In this case, after detailed analysis of all circumstances of each case, we can offer a formula with no initial investment. You can develop a formula of compensation, where Consultant’s work is paid as the percentage of the Sales volume and, after 1 year, he will get a small share of the benefit. This formula conveys security for the entrepreneur and closes the compromise between the two parties.

If the restaurant is working long time already and you can allow some extra expense, the price will be in accordance with maintenance hours, same as in the case of a new business. The only difference, is that places that have already been open for a long time, requires much more maintenance time for a simple reason: it is always more difficult to change something established than to create business from scratch. But to have a reference, the Consultant’s costs will be as of a CEO, but it is not necessary to hire him full time.

  1. And if there is no restaurant, but just a few guys who want to start a new adventure and become restaurateurs?

We have heard other people’s opinions that his whole life has been devoted to something else, far away from the food industry, but at some point in their lives he wants to open a restaurant. I have some Russian friends, who are both working non-stop, 12 hours a day, his “blue dream” is to win a lot of money, retire, immigrate to a country where there is sun and sea and open a restaurant. For many people, oddly enough, the restaurant is associated with something easy and profitable, where the owner comes only to take money by the end of the month…. It will be so sad to loose all savings and health without reaching the goal.

In this case you need the complex service from the development of the corporate image   to the last details. Entrepreneurs must have some fixed (more o less) budget and according to this budget the Consultant will try to organize everything, including his salary. That is why sincerity and transparency is very important in the relationship. And then what? Will it work well? There are many things about marketing and sales that the Advisor could advise, but the realization is the responsibility of the owner (owners). Not everything depends on the advice. We will  help with the concept, with the food, with the staff, with the design, with  all kind of shopping, but you have to  spend some money for advertising, PR, sales  and service and many other things…That is why we always advice to work with us min 12 month.



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