What does it mean “gastronomic consultant”?

Federico D'Anna - Asesor Gastronómico

Who is gastronomic consultant?

He is a professional with experience and a team of people behind him. Without the team it will be impossible to get the final result. They are cooks, waiters, suppliers, managers, designers, all of them are managed by Consultant. We could create a new project from 0, or improve existing business, that has been opened for many years.

Generically speaking, advisory work can be divided into three parts:

  1. Menu: creation from 0 or improvement of existing one, implementation and monitoring.
  2. Personal: team building, recruitment (dismissal), training and management.
  3. Suppliers: selection of best offers, follow-up and negotiation of the best price.



Is it possible to find a magic solution for any restaurant?

I say, “there is always a solution.” But each restaurant is unique and the answer is very complex as life itself.  I want to talk about  this with you , step by step, paying attention to details.

I want to share, among other things, my experience as a Chef of the Restaurant, as a Director of Food and Beverage in Hotel and  as a Consultant.


Topic 1.

Consultant: bad people or Savior?

From the point of view of the staff, I’ve noticed many times, the Consultant is someone who comes to “clean up” and take poor people on the street. The rejection of changes is something that unfortunately we face in our work. Employees are afraid.  That is normal. They think that they are going to be harmed, do not know how to react face to face to Advisor. It is therefore very important that the Owner of the business has a chat with the staff before Consultant work begins and explains to them that nothing bad will happen that the owner wants changes and has asked for help and all this is very important for the Co! He should ask them for help and collaboration: “We want the business run better without your help it would be impossible. We have hired a consultant who will help us in many things, please, help him! ”

The common misconception that the owners simply say nothing and let the Advisor start his work without any psychological preparation. So, very often come layoffs for the cause that some people resist any kind of changes  and the owner, without thinking  too much, makes the decision to get rid of “rebels” in these situations, always the owner, or the CEO has to decide, but you can prevent many layoffs if there is good communication from the beginning.

The Advisor is neither good nor bad, you just have hired him, but he only can help you if you let him do it and if we will all work on the collaboration all together.


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