Why should I hire a gastronomic consultant?

Federico D'Anna - Asesor Gastronómico

Why should I use a gastronomic consultant?

Is it worth paying an Adviser when the restaurant is not going well?

If my business goes well, why do I want an advice?


These are very common questions, which not only restaurant owners have but also Managers and CEO.

Our business does not go very well… Is it worth to spend more money hiring a stranger who will tell me about my own mistakes?  If my Restaurant makes a profit, do I need to improve?

I want to tell you something and explain how the Consultant team works. First, we begin by analyzing expenses and business income.  The Adviser will study price by price and the quantities of each product (service) currently consumed by your business. And if we can reduce it – we will tell you how.

  1. For example, the business spends 800 euros for cleaning products, 5000 € for meat, 10 000 € for dry products (flour, sugar, spices etc), 4500€ for fish, 500€ for electricity… The Advisor will compare prices with other suppliers and will negotiate. You can get between 2% and 15% discount on products and services, including the cost of electricity and water. Separately we analyze the quantities purchased and forms of conservation (it is very important, because the owner does not   know very often what is thrown away and not kept well).  Normally, we save, on average 7% on purchases. Per month, in this case, almost 1500 euros is saved!!! 18 000 Euro per year. Is it not a sufficient reason to invest in Advisor?
  2. Another thing, very important, is the performance of work. We will teach you how to improve it and make it go up and that is demonstrated in figures.
  3. What can you say about the savings on cost of staff? We can tell you that many times, the Co that hires maintenance (min 12 months)  with Advisor, saves half  of CEO salary. It depends on the business, but sometimes it is enough having a good cook and waiters, but not necessary a Chef and administrator, when the Advisor comes personally a few times a week , or sends someone to control your Business. If the team is well prepared and trained, if the basic rules were established, the Advisor can control the work. It is not the same as having a CEO and not being happy with work, to have an external consultant, who has helped you to create a business structure and helps you run it. Makes sense.
  4. How will you help me to modify the Menu?
    Most people will answer this question with something like: “If the dishes are tasty, people will come more to the Restaurant!” This is true, but it is not a complete answer. Many things should be discussed. Prices, products used, the design of the plate, number of the dishes on the menu, the order of these dishes and service. Because it is not the same to create a beautiful and tasty dish, to present it well, or create it and explain to the staff how to sell it. A dish without good waiter explanation loses a lot… You know what I mean…

I will repeat many times, but it’s true: the business can be grown only by mutual effort. The Advisor can help you with your experience, but you have to understand that he is a part of the team and makes all the puzzles fit.


Would you like to try it with us?

Always at your service,

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Gastronomic advisor

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